Bryant Heating and Cooling

Quick Look

  • Model Number:


  • Efficiency Rating:

    Up to 98.3% AFUE

  • Motor Type:

    Variable Speed

  • Compressor Type:


  • Parts Warranty:

    10 year

Product Overview

Achieve unmatched climate control in your home with Bryant’s Evolution System Variable-Speed 90+% Efficiency Gas Furnace. This unit performs quietly while warming your house with up to 98.3% AFUE efficiency. It enables continual savings and comfort at the same time, satisfying both of these important homeowner needs. Year-round comfort is achieved with the additional benefit of humidity control through variable speed airflow in the summer.


Are you in need of a new unit or evaluating your furnance options? The Bryant’s Evolution System Variable-Speed 90+% Efficiency Gas Furnace is ready and waiting to serve you!