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Commercial Heating & Cooling


Custom Klimates understands the unique demands businesses have of their heating and cooling systems. Our NATE-certified commercial HVAC technicians deliver customized solutions to improve system performance and reduce energy consumption, helping businesses lower operating costs. Let us help you improve HVAC system performance to benefit the comfort and productivity of your workforce, and cut energy costs.


Commercial HVAC Systems

Custom Klimates provides dedicated installation and repair services for commercial HVAC systems. We will assess the unique needs of your business and develop heating and cooling solutions that maximize the efficiency of your facility. Our NATE-certified technicians are available to assist you with your commercial heating, cooling, and indoor air quality needs.


Commercial HVAC Controls

Gain precision control over your business’s heating and cooling usage with commercial HVAC controls. With commercial HVAC controls, energy consumption is accurately monitored, systems can be adjusted remotely, and heating and cooling equipment usage scheduled based around the production needs or occupancy of your facility. Custom Klimates will asses your needs and develop a commercial HVAC controls system that will improve the efficiency of your facility.


Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Commercial HVAC maintenance improves energy efficiency, lowers energy costs, and extends the service life of your heating and cooling systems. Investing in annual preventive maintenance can help you cut expenses associated with excessive energy consumption, increased repair calls, and early system replacement.



Custom Klimates offers financing solutions to assist you as you invest in commercial heating, cooling, and indoor air quality systems for your business facility. Visit our financing page [link] to learn about the options we have available for your system purchase.


Restaurant HVAC Systems

Custom Klimates offers commercial HVAC solutions for restaurants.