Published: May 1, 2017


Having an HVAC technician come out to your house can sometimes be an overwhelming experience. You know you have a problem, and that you need professional help, and you’ve chosen a professional to come out and help you. Having a professional come out to help you with your HVAC problems should relieve your stress, but for some people having a technician come out can still be an anxiety-inducing situation! Today we’re going to go over a few common HVAC terms you should know to make a visit from your trusted HVAC technician go a little more smoothly!

1. MERV- MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. This refers to how a filter is rated for your system. The higher the rating is, the more efficient the filter is. The highest rating is a 16. These are hospital grade filters, and they capture the smallest particles in the air. Your local, trusted HVAC technician can help you choose which filter and MERV rating is right for you and your home.
2. Plenum- This is the box attached to the side of the air handler where the other ducts are attached. The plenum is usually made of insulated sheet metal.
3. Compressor- This is a term you may be somewhat familiar with. The compressor is the part of the air conditioner that sits inside the condenser. If you hear a lot of noise coming from your unit, its generally coming from the compressor. The compressor’s job is to circulate and raise the pressure of the refrigerant in your unit.

4. Heat Pump- This is another term you may be familiar with. The heat pump looks like a normal air conditioning unit, but it uses electricity efficiently to heat your home in the winter and cool it in the summer.
5. Line Set- The line set is the two lines of refrigerant that connect the evaporator coil and condensing unit.
6. Register- The register is the cover that goes over the inlets and outlets of your ductwork.

7. Air Handler- The air handler is the unit inside the house that circulates air through the duct system. It is paired with a split system air conditioner or a heat pump.

Hopefully you became familiar with some common HVAC terms can make your next visit from your HVAC professional a little less scary!

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