Published: August 10, 2017


Cutting air conditioning costs during the summer is important to a lot of homeowners! We’ve already talked about attic insulation being a great way to cut your ac costs. Window tinting is another great way to cut your ac costs. Not having to run your AC as much during the summer can save you money on your utility bills and can cut back on the wear and tear on your HVAC system that result in Air Conditioning Repairs

Here are some benefits to having your home windows tinted.

1. Increased energy savings. Having your windows tinted will keep cool air from escaping through your windows at such a high rate. This also means that heat will be conserved in your home throughout the winter.

2. Prevent furniture wear and tear. Sunlight coming through your windows can have some adverse affects on your furniture, curtains, and wall hangings. Having your windows tinted can prevent damaging rays from the sun from getting to your precious belongings.

3. Protect your family from UV rays. Most people don’t realize that damaging UV rays (that you wear sunscreen against at the pool!) can affect your inside your home. UV rays are transmitted through windows! Tinting your windows can offer you protection from UV rays.

4. Stronger window panes. Window panes are always at risk of breaking. If you’ve got kids throwing a ball around, live near a golf course, or are in a tornado or hurricane prone area, you may be at a higher risk of broken window panes than others. Window tint strengthens your window panes and can minimize their risk of breaking. The film also prevents shattering, so if your window does break, shards of glass won’t be thrown into your home.

5. Eliminate glare. If you’ve ever tried to watch tv with the sun shining in your windows, you know what a pain glare can be! Having your windows tinted eliminates glare.

6. Increased privacy. While window tint still allows for sunlight to come into your home, it eliminates others being able to see into your home during the day. This can provide extra privacy for you and your family members.

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