Published: March 8, 2017


Even though it is only spring, we’ve been seeing some summer-like temperatures here in north Georgia. It is likely that you’ve had to start running your air conditioner already. Each summer as you run your ac unit, you probably groan when you receive your utility bills. Today we’re going to talk about some easy ways to save money on your utility bills this summer and all year long.

1. Have a home energy audit done. You can either Google how to do this on your own or you can find a home energy audit professional to come do this for you. It’s a good idea to know exactly which parts of your home are already energy efficient and which parts need some help.

2. Close up any gaps around your doors and windows. When you look at your doors and windows, you may as well envision your hard earned money flying right out them. Doors and windows are the number one spot for energy leakage in your home. Often times, you can simply hold your hand near your doors and windows in the summer and feel the heat seeping in. Sealing up the gaps around these areas is a great way to cut utility bill costs.

3. Use a high-efficiency furnace filter. The furnace filter you choose can make a huge difference in how efficiently your furnace runs. A high-efficiency filter will better capture dust particles running through your HVAC system and will also help your unit run more efficiently. While high-efficiency filters may cost slightly more, you’ll definitely see the savings in return on your utility bills.

4. Use portable fans in the summer. Running your ceiling fans in the summer as well as portable electric fans can help greatly reduce your utility bills. It takes much more energy and money to run your air conditioning unit at a low temperature than it does to run a portable fan.

5. Check out your attic’s insulation and install an attic fan. We all know that heat rises, and if you’ve got an attic it can become trapped in your attic, heating your home from above. In the winter, this may be a bonus, but in the summer it’s definitely a bad thing. It can make you hotter and more uncomfortable and can cause your ac unit to work harder. Check to make sure your attic is properly insulated and that it’s got an attic fan. If you need more insulation, don’t hesitate to call a professional to come out and add some additional insulation. If you’ve got an attic fan, don’t forget to run it so that it can push some hot air out of your attic.

6. Consider replacing old HVAC units. Although you may balk at the thought of shelling out money to replace your heating or air conditioning units, you could save yourself big bucks by doing so! Older units run much more inefficiently than newer units, which causes your utility bills to be higher. Newer units run much more efficiently, lowering your utility bills each month.

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