Published: December 12, 2018


Benefits of equipment upgrades

What’s on your Christmas list this year? Some trendy kitchen gadget? New tools? A Red Ryder BB gun (you’ll shoot your eye out!)? Think bigger. How about a new furnace?

You may not have thought of this last one, unless your heat has gone out or soon might. Even if your furnace still runs strong and keeps you warm, here are some great reasons to ditch your old heating system and invest in a new one.

Better efficiency means lower bills

New technology has brought significant advances in the fuel efficiency of furnaces, compared to 20 or even 10 years ago. If you have gotten used to the higher utility bills produced by an old yet functional heating unit, you may be surprised to learn how much lower your bill can be with a new one. In some cases, the money you save could actually cover the price of your new system.

New furnace features help to heat your home more evenly

Have you noticed cold spots in your home? These could be caused by uneven heating, or areas your heating and cooling can’t reach. The newest systems offer features like variable-speed operation, different heating stages, or a zoning system.

These features help you to upgrade your comfort and enjoy more even heat with more efficient operation.

A new furnace is more reliable

Plain and simple, a new system saves you money on repairs. If you’ve dumped money into your old heating unit just to keep it in minimal operation, you will eventually reach a point where the cost of the repairs is negligible compared to an upgrade.

So why not use the money you’d spend on bandage repairs to invest in a new system? New furnaces treat you to consistent operation with a longer service life. You’ll save money in the long run, and you’ll enjoy greater comfort and more reliable operation right away.

Additionally, a heating equipment update is a great opportunity to improve energy efficiency throughout your home. Leaky ductwork or openings can be significant sources of heat loss, which result in increased energy costs.

Keep your loved ones healthy and safe with a new furnace

Another risk with older unserviced units is the potential of leaks and a significant safety issue. Likelihood of corrosion increases with older units. A compromised unit is more likely to release invisible carbon monoxide into your home’s air. In sufficient amounts, carbon monoxide gas can be fatal.

Newer furnaces are better built with less potential for corrosion and leaks. New units also include additional safety features to detect and prevent carbon monoxide leaks.

For all of these reasons, a new heating unit could be the holiday gift you really need!

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