Published: April 27, 2017


Spring is here, but unfortunately so is the pollen! Georgia is notorious for the yellow sheen that seems to cover everything each spring. Nearly 50 million people suffer from seasonal allergies in the United States. If you’re one of those people, springtime in Georgia can be downright miserable. Fortunately, some simple HVAC maintenance each year can help alleviate your allergy symptoms. Read on to find out how to allergy-proof your home today!

Allergens are carried into your home through the air and can settle on the surfaces of your walls, counters, cabinets, furniture, and appliances. This includes all airborne particles like pet dander, pollen, dust mites, mold, and rodent droppings. Once all these allergens are in your home, it can make it harder for you to breathe and can cause sneezing, itchy eyes, sore throats, runny noses, and congestion.

Fortunately, some basic HVAC maintenance each spring can help remove allergens from your home and alleviate your symptoms.

5 Tips to Allergy-Proof Your Home Today:

1. Choose an appropriate furnace filter. A high-quality furnace filter can do wonders for keeping allergens out of your home. You should choose a filter with a MERV rating of 8 or higher. Check your filters once a month for excess dirt, and replace them as necessary. They should be changed at least every three months.

2. Keep your outdoor and indoor units clear of debris. Your outdoor AC unit pulls in air from the outside and sends it through your HVAC system. This air will eventually circulate inside your home. Keeping your outdoor unit free of dirt and debris can help keep allergens or dirt particles from being circulated into your home. You should also keep your indoor unit clean. If dust, pollen, and debris collect on your indoor unit these particles will be circulated throughout the air in your home.

3. Make sure to dust your registers and return vents. Most people regularly dust their homes, but many times registers and return vents get forgotten. It is important to dust your registers and return vents with a damp cloth each time you dust your home. Dusting them with a damp cloth can prevent sending dust and dust mites up into your ductwork. If your registers and vents are dusty, this dust will simply be circulated into your air as your HVAC system runs, so it is important to keep them dust free.

4. Check for mold regularly. Mold grows easily in moist or humid areas. Regularly check your ducts, condensate drip pan and drain, evaporator coils, and the air handler for signs of mold growth. Mold can be a huge allergy trigger, and if it goes untreated it can cause serious illnesses.

5. Schedule a maintenance appointment with a local HVAC technician. Having your HVAC unit professionally serviced and maintained each spring can help your unit run more efficiently, reducing allergens in your home and saving you money on your utility bills. Be sure to schedule your appointment each spring before you start running your unit full time in the summer.

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