Published: June 21, 2017


Summer is in full swing here in the metro Atlanta area. We’re all running our ceiling fans, air conditioner units, and any extra fans we may have handy! If you’ve got a window air conditioner unit, you could possibly be exposing you and your family to mold. It’s no secret that mold exposure can be hazardous to your health. The effects of mold exposure can be amplified when coming from an air conditioner unit, as the unit blows the mold spores through the air in your home. It’s important to be alert and look for signs of mold in your window AC unit. These signs can include visible mold on the unit or a musty smell when you run the unit.

Follow these step by step instructions on how to clean mold from your window air conditioner unit. Always make sure to clean mold from your unit in a well-ventilated area.

1. Put on protective safety gear including gloves, a mask, and safety goggles.

2 Turn off your unit and unplug it from its power source.

3. Take off the front body grill. Most of the time you can do this by gently pushing down and pulling forward. On some units, the grill will be screwed in. If so, use a screwdriver to remove it.

4. Remove the filter located in the front grill. If the filter is disposable, replace it with a new one. If your filter is washable, place it in a sink full of hot water and laundry detergent.

5. Let the filter soak for approximately 15 minutes. Use a scrub brush to clean both sides of the filter, rinse it out, and lay it out to dry.

6. Go back to your unit and unscrew the metal cover located behind the front body grill. Lift it straight up.

7. Using your vacuum and attachments, vacuum out as much debris from the unit as you can. Wipe away any visible mold.

8. In a bowl or bucket, mix together 1/2 cup of bleach, 1 tablespoon of dish soap, and 3 gallons of hot water.

9. Using a cloth or sponge, wipe away any moldy areas using this solution. Allow the solution to sit on the moldy areas for about 10 minutes. Afterward, rinse the solution away with a clean cloth and warm water.

10. Let everything dry completely.

11. Reassemble the unit, and plug it back in.

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