Published: April 11, 2018


As homeowners, cleaning your house does more than leave you feeling good and organized about your space. Cleaning your home is an opportunity to evaluate your environmental impact, get rid of things that no longer serve you and reduce your energy bills and HVAC maintenance.

When the weather starts to warm up, take advantage of spring temperatures to knock some of these chores off your list. Here’s how:

  • Clean or replace air filters: You may replace your air filters on your own. Doing so helps your HVAC system work more efficiently, reduces allergens in your home and saves money on your energy bill. We strongly recommend changing filters every 1-3 months.
  • Treat your windows: Every time you clean your windows, make sure they close tightly and check for air leaks. Consider installing films or shades to cool down your home naturally and reduce energy costs. Conversely, let in natural light from outside when temperatures drop.
  • Eliminate dust: Dust contamination can cause disruption in electrical outlets, overheating and worsen allergies in your family. The more dust in your home, the less efficiently your HVAC system will run. Make sure to dust often and consider purchasing an air purifier to further remove contaminants from your home. Pro tip: don’t forget to clean around one of the biggest dust collectors in your home, your refrigerator. A quick dust or vacuuming is the easiest way to save on your next energy bill.
  • Service your HVAC system. Twice a year you should call your HVAC professional for a full system service. A contractor will be able to identify issues before they become costly repairs and tune up your system to work more efficiently.
  • Reverse your ceiling fan rotation. During the winter months, your fan rotates clockwise and pushes warm air down from the ceiling. In the spring and summer months, you want your ceiling fan to draw air upward for cooling and better circulation. Reversing your ceiling fan rotation has the potential to reduce the electrical power required, saving up to 10% on your utility bill. Pro tip: wipe your fan blades off before reversing the rotation so dust doesn’t fly everywhere!

Dedicating time to deep cleaning your home several times a year is an easy and affordable way to reduce your energy bills and required maintenance on your HVAC system. In need of a maintenance check? Give us a call at 770-651-0637, we’re happy to help!