Published: June 6, 2018


A quality thermostat will keep your Canton home or business comfortable while improving the energy efficiency of your heating and cooling systems. Now, imagine controlling the heating and cooling of your home from virtually anywhere. A programmable Wi-Fi thermostat allows you to while reducing energy use with pre-programmed temperature changes built around the schedule of your household or business operations. With these evolved thermostats, you are always in control of HVAC energy consumption.

With Father’s Day right around the corner, consider getting your dad something he will use every single day to save energy and money all year long!

Many user-friendly touchscreen models are available, including:

The Evolution(R) Connex™ Control by Bryant, is Wi-Fi enabled and uses sensors to determine if your HVAC needs to be adjusted based on how many people are in the room. This superior technology allows your dad to save money whether he’s home, asleep or away. Direct communication is easy as well as controlled remotely by an app on a smartphone or tablet.  

The Housewise™ Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat by Bryant, is programmable and remotely controlled using an app. ENERGY STAR certified, the Housewise unit can help your dad save up to 20 percent in energy costs. Based on usage, the app emails your dad custom energy tips and reports to identify patterns and areas for energy efficiency improvement.

The Ecobee4. This futuristic ENERGY STAR device includes room sensors your dad can place throughout the home. These sensors take readings throughout the home and communicate with your air conditioner, furnace or heat pump to adjust accordingly.

Does your dad have an Alexa device? He can talk to his Ecobee4 through Alexa using his voice to adjust the thermostat instantly. The thermostat may be also be controlled using an app on a smartphone or tablet. Pretty handy if he’s already in bed and wants to adjust the temperature without disturbing your mom or the dog.

Programmable and Wi-Fi thermostats do more than control your heating and cooling and save on energy costs. It transforms your space into a responsive environment, creating a more comfortable place to live for you and your family. This Father’s Day, give the gift of ultimate comfort, security and peace of mind to your dad with a user-friendly touchscreen Wi-Fi thermostat from Custom Klimates.

Custom Klimates has been helping homeowners and business owners in the North Georgia area for more than 40 years. Our technicians are industry-certified by NATE and are comfortable explaining their entire process and answering all of your questions. We want you to feel comfortable with our service and your purchase.

Questions about how to purchase and install a programmable Wi-Fi thermostat in your Holly Springs or Alpharetta home? Reach out to Custom Klimates at 770-766-8714 or schedule an appointment, we’re happy to help!