Published: August 4, 2017


Temperatures are still high here in north Georgia, and you may be looking for ways to cut your air conditioning costs. It is no secret that Georgia summers can cause your utility bills to skyrocket! Heat pushing down into your home from your attic can cause the temperature in your home to rise. One way you can cut your AC bills during the summer is by lowering the temperature in your house by adding insulation in your attic. Adding extra insulation in your attic can help cut some of the heat pushing down into your home from above.

There are three main types of insulation you can have installed in your attic. They’ve each got some advantages and disadvantages.


These are large pieces of insulation that are held together by long, interwoven fibers and adhesive binders. The two kinds of batts that are most popular are fiberglass and cotton. Fiberglass and cotton work equally as well, but cotton batts are generally made from recycled materials. While batts are the most cost-effective form of insulation, they may also be the least effective. Sometimes they don’t fill the space very well. Batts often leave behind gaps and voids where heat can still come in.


Blown insulation comes in small chunks that are blown in through a hose by the installer. The two most popular forms of blown insulation are fiberglass and cellulose. Fiberglass and cellulose have approximately the same insulation properties. Blown insulation works well, because it fills in nearly all the gaps, keeping out a lot of heat.


Spray foam is another really popular form of insulation you can use in your attic. Spray foam insulation also comes in two types- open cell and closed cell. Sprayed insulation works just as well as blown insulation and is oftentimes more compatible with your HVAC system if your ducts are in the attic. While spray foam may be a better fit for your attic than batts or blown, it is also the most expensive of the three main types of insulation. Consulting with your local HVAC company before choosing attic insulation is always a good idea!

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