Published: October 3, 2018


It’s About Chili, Not Chilly!

From the first rustle of autumn leaves, it’s not long until the heat kicks on for the first time. Make sure your system is ready to greet you with warmth, not a needed furnace repair. In northern Georgia, our weather is still pleasant during the day for most of fall, or as we think of it, football season.

Overnight, however, can get a little brisk. You may need your heat pump or furnace to take the chill off at night or in the mornings before the sun warms up.

Let the experts at Custom Klimates prepare your heating system to serve you as the temperature drops. Or, if necessary, provide a furnace repair to get it to optimal efficiency.

Prevent Furnace Repair with Routine Maintenance

The easiest way to avoid an unexpected furnace repair is with preventative maintenance for your furnace or heat pump. There are many benefits for regular service.

First, it preserves most manufacturer warranties. Second, it provides a complete inspection and cleaning of your HVAC equipment.

This inspection catches minor problems or identifies unusual wear and tear. When these small problems are corrected early, it helps avoid a heat pump or furnace repair. Or worse, a breakdown of your system.

Breakdowns can be stressful, especially when it puts your family’s comfort or safety at risk. At a minimum, breakdowns seem to happen at the worst times – when you’re hosting family for the holidays, for example. Avoid a furnace repair or breakdown with fall maintenance.

Lastly, a tune-up of your furnace or heat pump helps it work as closely as possible to how it was designed. This helps you achieve optimum efficiency and energy savings.

A furnace or heat pump under stress works harder, costing more money to operate. It also is more vulnerable to repair needs, breakdowns, or worst case, a total replacement. Regular service helps your heat pump or furnace last longer and serve you better.

If You Need Furnace Repair – How Do You Know?

It may help you as a homeowner to know common problems which signal a furnace repair is needed.

  • Electric ignition or pilot control problems.
  • Frequent cycling, also known as “short cycling.” This also happens with air conditioners. The HVAC unit noticeably starts and stops.
  • Strange noises from the furnace, such as clicks, clanks, squeals.
  • Odd odors. These may range from a musty, mildew-like smell to a burning, metallic smell.
  • Poor communication between the furnace and the thermostat.
  • The furnace blows air, but it’s not warm.

Other issues may be silent. If you have a gas-powered furnace, for example, a carbon monoxide leak is serious. Carbon monoxide gas is colorless, odorless and potentially lethal.

If your heating unit exhibits any of these problems, it’s best to call a quality HVAC contractor like Custom Klimates for a furnace repair.

Simplify Maintenance and Reduce Need for Furnace Repair with Comfort Agreement

At Custom Klimates, we want you to enjoy your home and to enjoy your free time. To keep you comfortable, we have comfort agreements to save you time and money. Spend time doing what you love. We’ll handle the heating and air, and if necessary, the furnace repair.

If you think you are ready to upgrade – call us or submit a form online. We’ll call you! We have the NATE-certified expertise to help you evaluate the best option for your home and your specific needs.

If expenses are a concern – ask us about financing. Our finance options help you install a more efficient heat pump or furnace to save energy costs right away.