Published: November 20, 2018


Cooler weather this winter makes ductless technology your heating and air system’s new best friend. Often, there are varying temperatures felt throughout our homes. These can be caused by a wide variety of reasons. One solution is ductless technology.

This type of project is not a typical DIY project. Experts from Custom Klimates, a local leader in the HVAC industry, are here to create a comfortable temperature throughout your entire home this fall and winter.

Pros of Adding Ductless Technology to Heating and Air Systems

When a home has rooms with varying temperatures it lacks energy efficiency. Therefore, an HVAC system will find itself working more often to keep a home heated or cooled. The addition of a ductless system can boost the overall efficiency of a home’s heating and air unit.

Installation of ductless technology is much easier than replacing an entire HVAC system and ducting. These systems allow for a flexible, wall or ceiling-mounted indoor air unit.

Because they can be installed with only a small three-inch hole in the wall to connect the indoor and outdoor units, they eliminate leakage and security risks of a window-unit.  

Ductless technology also features a more effective filtering system. This reduces allergens and assists those fighting asthma or other respiratory diseases. Filters are easy to access to clean or replace every one to three months.

Best Scenario To Install Ductless Tech in Heating and Air Systems

There are several situations where ductless technology can help your home’s heating and air system. Here are a few of the best cases to consider adding this option in your home.

  • Do you have a three or four-season room which is a little cold or warm certain times of the year? Because ducting to your HVAC system is usually not installed in these rooms, they are prime locations to add this technology.
  • Zoning your home for more even temperatures is possible without changing your entire HVAC system. Simply adding a few zoning-capable ductless systems creates the ability to move air throughout multiple rooms. These systems reach a higher level of efficiency and create even temperatures all throughout the house.
  • A garage where someone works on cars or an attic playroom is an ideal place to install a new ductless system. For the car enthusiast or family with active children and their friends, you can turn your garage or other unused space into an all-season refuge for anyone in your family.

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