Published: October 31, 2018


Air handlers from A to Z

How familiar are you with the components of your heating and cooling system? If you’re like most people, maybe not very. You set your thermostat, your house gets warmer or cooler, and you’re happy everything works.

Although it may seem like magic, your heating and cooling system is made up of several sophisticated components.

In the event you need maintenance or repair for your system, you’ll be a better-informed consumer with some information about these components. To help you understand the technology behind the magic, we’re glad to share some details about air handlers.

To begin, what’s a heating and cooling air handler?

You may be familiar with the basics of heating and cooling terminology – fans, condensers, furnaces, heat pumps and the like. If you haven’t heard of an air handler and you’re puzzled, don’t worry! We’ll walk through it together.

An air handler is simply an indoor part of your heating and cooling system. It works to circulate and regulate air in your home. While the outdoor part of your system does the work to change the temperature of your air, the air handler moves it where it needs to go.

Why is an air handler important in heating and cooling?

As the last stop before air enters the living spaces of your home, the clean and efficient operation of your air handler is vital to your comfort and health. It can also affect how well the other components of your heating and cooling system perform. This impacts energy efficiency and your utility bills. Let’s take a closer look.

Indoor air quality

Ensure your air handler is free of dust and other debris. Pollutants inside the air handler can find their way into the air you breathe.

Obstructions in your air handler prevent free circulation of air through your home. They also cause your air handler to work harder to maintain temperature. This often results in emergency repairs and early replacement.

Replace your air filter at least every 90 days to trap contaminants before they can enter your air handler and can be circulated through your home.

Efficient system operation

Dust and debris cause your heating and cooling components to work harder than necessary. This includes your air handler. The additional strain results in excess wear and tear, reduced service life, and the possibility of unexpected repairs.

Even if your other system components are clean and in good order, problems with your air handler can lead to trouble down the road. When your air handler works well, the rest of your heating and cooling equipment won’t need to overwork to maintain temperature.

Include your air handler in heating and cooling system maintenance

The best way to keep your air handler at peak operation is to invest in regular system maintenance. A trained HVAC professional inspects and cleans all heating and cooling equipment, which includes the air handler.

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