Published: June 29, 2017


We’ve discussed lots of HVAC maintenance tips on our blog, but one tip that often gets overlooked is keeping your outdoor HVAC equipment clean and clear of debris and other items. While this tip is often overlooked, its one of our most important HVAC maintenance tips! Properly maintaining the area surrounding your outdoor HVAC equipment is just as important as how you maintain the components of the actual HVAC system itself. Failing to properly maintain the outdoor area surrounding your system can result in decreased efficiency, damage to your system, or danger to your safety.

Follow this easy tips to keep the area around your outdoor equipment properly maintained-

1. Keep your outdoor HVAC equipment free of all household or outdoor items. This includes chairs, tables, toys, lawn equipment, pool equipment, etc. You should leave a clearance around your outdoor unit of at least two feet. This will allow proper air flow to your unit and will make it easier to access for maintenance, repairs, or replacement. Your outdoor unit may be unsightly, but its important to never install an enclosure directly around it.

2. While local building codes can vary, nearly all of them require that gas furnaces maintain a clearance from the floor and any surrounding walls. This space is required to allow for maximum airflow to the system, to prevent combustible byproducts from building up around your system, and to allow access for maintenance, repairs, and replacement. The exact amount of clearance your system needs will be noted in your owners manual.

3. Similar to an outdoor air conditioning unit, your furnace should be free and clear of all items. Household or outdoor items should never be stored next to your gas furnace. These items can limit airflow to your unit and can also catch on fire. Its important to be aware of combustible items you may have stored near your furnace. These items include paint, gasoline, fabric, furniture, litter boxes, and cleaning solutions.

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