Published: April 25, 2018


Selling your home can be exciting, and comes with a lot of responsibility. Deciding whether or not to repair or replace your HVAC system before selling your home may be one of the biggest decisions to make in the process. Even if your HVAC system seems to be working fine, here are a few signs to indicate whether replacements or repairs are necessary:

  1. Your system is old. An air conditioner should last for 10-15 years and a furnace should last for 15-20. Although some systems can function much longer, an older system may raise a red flag for home inspectors or generate a low offer. Even if your system works well, it may not last much longer and therefore, could reduce your home’s value.
  2. Your HVAC system needs lots of repairs. If you find you have to contact a professional more than once a year for repairs to your HVAC system, you will need to replace it before selling your home. Air conditioners and furnaces should run properly without constant need of attention. A new system will need less work in the buyer’s eyes and could add extra value to your home. Bonus points for providing paperwork to potential buyers verifying the value of your investment and a decrease in utility bills as a result.
  3. Your air conditioner or furnace runs more than it used to. The older your HVAC unit, the less efficient it becomes and the harder it has to work to keep your house at its desired temperature. While your annual HVAC check-up will help the system run better, these tune-ups will become less efficient over time. You may notice your bills going up and the sound of your HVAC unit in the background will be more noticeable. A home inspector may run an energy audit on your system and share it with the buyers.
  4. Your house feels uncomfortable because temperatures vary in each room. Uneven temperatures usually means your HVAC system is no longer able to push air with the adequate force. A good HVAC unit should be able to handle hot summers and cold winters and be big enough for the size of your house. A home inspector will notice an undersized or underpowered unit, especially if it leads to uneven temperature distribution throughout your home.
  5. Your home is often humid. Your HVAC system is supposed to dehumidify your home and decrease the chances of mold in your home. If your home is too humid, it can be unpleasant and raise a red flag to potential buyers.

As we’ve mentioned, replacing your HVAC unit before selling your home can increase its value and make it more appealing to prospective buyers. No buyer wants to spend funds repairing or replacing the HVAC unit soon after moving in and sellers who choose to install a new HVAC system may be able to sell their home more quickly and for more money. If you’re unsure if you should replace or repair your HVAC system before selling your home, give us a call. We’re happy to evaluate your unit and make a recommendation.