Published: December 19, 2018


We’ve all seen New Year’s resolutions come and go throughout the years. One we are hoping will stick around is to get your central heating and air maintenance plans set up. There is no better way to start the new year than creating comfort, clean air and giving your HVAC system a tune-up.

Custom Klimates offers excellent maintenance plans with their Comfort Club, performed by NATE-certified technicians. Don’t wait too long to discover the benefits of maintenance with an inspection to help prevent issues all year long.

Why Get a Central Heating and Air Inspection

Homeowners should get their central heating and air inspected and serviced at least two times a year. This usually takes place during your semi-annual maintenance appointments and provides the tech an opportunity to test your system’s functionality and overall efficiency.

If anything is identified as a problem or something which could turn into a future problem, the technician will walk through the diagnosis. Additionally, they will provide a reasonable set of solutions for you to review.

A maintained central heating and air system will provide higher indoor air quality. This will help keep allergens and other pollutants out of your air.

Benefits of Maintenance

  • Increased Performance
    • Regular maintenance will identify where problems are, helping to keep them at bay. It will allow your technician to identify future problematic areas and help potentially prevent a major disaster in the future.
  • Clean Air Indoors
    • Filters, media air cleaners and other add-ons to your HVAC system will be routinely checked and cleaned as needed. The filter will be replaced and can be done by the homeowner ever one to three months depending on your home’s location, if you have pets or smoke indoors.
  • Longer System Lifespan
    • Semi-annual maintenance and inspections will help reduce the overall wear and tear on your system. When maintenance occurs more often, equipment should in all rights, last longer. A system with less or no inspections or check-ups will only cost you more in the long run.
  • Less Time On Repairs
    • Just like your car need regular maintenance, so does your HVAC system. The more time you spend on the small maintenance needs, the less time and money you will spend on the major repairs or overall replacement.

Custom Klimates’ plan provides peace of mind and so much more.

Call Custom Klimates for Central Heating and Air Service, Repair and Installation

At Custom Klimates, we want you to enjoy your home and make the most of your free time. To keep you comfortable, learn more about our maintenance agreements to save you time and money. Spend time doing what you love, and we’ll handle the heating and cooling service.

When you need system maintenance or HVAC repair, call us or submit a form online. We’ll call you! We have the NATE-certified expertise to help you evaluate the best option for your home and your specific needs.

Ready to install a new and more efficient system? We’d love to help with this too! If expenses are a concern, ask us about financing. Our finance options help you install a more efficient HVAC system to save energy costs right away.

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