Published: September 5, 2018


August and September are now top months for births

Welcoming a new baby into your home is joyous and often overwhelming. It’s much more than buying diapers and outlet covers. Service your heating and air system so the temperature will be consistently comfortable when the baby arrives. In addition, routine maintenance improves indoor air quality for tiny lungs! If you know an expectant family, gift them an HVAC service plan like Custom Klimates’ comfort agreement.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting an HVAC Service Plan

When you call a trusted local HVAC contractor, like Custom Klimates, we’ll send a NATE-certified technician to your home. He or she will ask for the location of your mechanicals, including the thermostat.

The Custom Klimates technician will inspect, test, clean and lubricate all relevant components of your heating and air system. He or she will verify the thermostat and heat pump, air conditioner or furnace are communicating appropriately. Our professional and friendly technicians will review any findings with you and leave the area as found.

5 Benefits of HVAC Service

  1. Maintenance from a professional HVAC contractor addresses routine issues so the equipment can operate as designed.
  2. HVAC service increases reliability. During service a technician looks for signs of excess wear and tear. These signs indicate the equipment may need a repair in the future or signal a breakdown is likely. When the HVAC service technician identifies these signs, it may easily prevent costly and inconvenient repairs and breakdowns.
  3. When heating and air equipment operates as designed, it runs efficiently.
  4. Efficient equipment uses the appropriate amount of energy. Inefficient use costs more money. Efficient equipment keeps your energy bills reasonable. If your gas or electric bill spikes, it may indicate a malfunction. Call Custom Klimates to check it out!
  5. When an HVAC service technician cleans the heating and air components and filter, it improves the indoor air quality.  

Comfort Agreements Save Money and Time

At Custom Klimates, we offer comfort agreements to make HVAC service affordable, easy and convenient. Call us or submit a form online to learn more. Your heating and air equipment are a big investment in your home. Make routine maintenance part of your routine as a homeowner. You’ll be glad you did!

Custom Klimates – Leaders HVAC Service, Repair and Replacement

Call us for an HVAC service plan today. Gift a comfort agreement to a new family. It won’t be outgrown in three months like most baby shower gifts!

Most importantly, it will alleviate breakdown worries, ensure maximum reliability and efficiency for the new parents and the baby. Additionally, consistent temperatures and a clean HVAC system contribute to the family’s health and safety. Have you tried to get a baby to nap when the air conditioner or furnace is broken? You don’t want to…

Need a new air conditioner, heat pump or furnace? Maybe you’re ready to add IAQ products like a UV air cleaner to reduce breathing airborne pollutants. Ask us about financing if expenses are a concern.

Finance options allow you to benefit from a new efficient and reliable system immediately. Energy savings and potential utility rebates may alleviate the expense as well.

For more on HVAC service plans or other HVAC needs, don’t hesitate to reach out online or by phone! At Custom Klimates, we love to talk to our customers. We take our HVAC expertise and help you with the best heating and air equipment and care for your specific needs.