Published: May 19, 2017


Although home automation is a relatively new concept, it is becoming increasingly popular. Home automation is becoming easier to use, more cost friendly to implement, and more helpful to more types of people. It can meet the needs of the teenager home alone after school to the mom with two small children at home to elderly people living alone.

Home automation gives the homeowner more control of basic home systems and appliances from a remote location (smartphone, iPad, etc.) or a centralized point in the home. It is no longer science fiction- controlling your home’s temperature, lighting, security, and HVAC system with the touch of a screen or by the sound of your voice is for real.

A lot of homeowners tend to still be skeptical of home automation. Here are 5 benefits of home automation.

1. Security- Home automation comes with many security benefits. When you get home you can tap a button on your smartphone app to turn all the lights on, or you can automate your lights to come on even when you’re not home to give the impression that your home is not empty. You can also automate locking your doors- no more need to hide a spare key! You can also monitor every time a door is opened in your home.

2. HVAC System Efficiency- Don’t worry if you forgot to turn off your heat or air conditioner before you left home. With home automation, you can turn your HVAC unit off or on or adjust the temperature remotely. You can also automate other appliances and systems in your home and remotely turn them off to save energy when they aren’t being used.

3. Convenience- No more running through the house trying to make sure all your appliances are turned off and the HVAC system is set to just the right temperature. Now, you can control your entire home with the swipe of your finger or push of a button. If you leave for an extended period of time, you’ll still be able to monitor your home without having to depend on neighbors or family members to run by and check on your house.

4. Temperature- We’re all familiar with those north Georgia spring and fall days that start off at one temperature and end at a totally different temperature. With home automation, you can adjust the temperature in your home remotely so that its a comfortable temperature for you when you get home.

5. Relaxation- Home automation can take a huge burden off of you that you didn’t even know was there! You no longer have to worry about the security of your home, mounting energy and utility bills, whether or not you turned off the coffee pot, or whether or not you’ve locked yourself out.

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