Published: June 20, 2018


Summer brings many celebrations, such as weddings and graduations. These events often include overnight guests, and the last thing you want is for your guests to be uncomfortable in your Roswell home. If you’re hosting anyone this summer, schedule an HVAC repair and service to keep them comfortable, especially in rarely used rooms.

Catching an HVAC repair early can save you money and hassles, as quick fixes early on can prevent expensive breakdowns when guests are over. Use these helpful tips to get your HVAC service in order before hosting:  

Spring cleaning

Before guests arrive, do a thorough cleaning of your home. Dust all of the rooms throughout your home, paying special attention to your air vents. The accumulation of dust and dirt in these areas can significantly lower your indoor air quality. Remove the vents entirely and wash/wipe both sides of the vent. Don’t forget to clean the more uncommon areas and hard-to-reach areas of your home!

Change the air filters

We strongly recommend changing your air filters every one to three months. If you have pets or live in a high pollen count area, they may need to be changed or cleaned monthly. Some homeowners use the arrival of the utility bill as a reminder to check the filter’s capacity.

Before your guests arrive this summer, check your air filter. This will help with the indoor air quality of your home, and it will also keep your HVAC system working efficiently.

A new filter will catch most dander, dust, mold and other allergen particles bothersome to your guests or family.  

Remove condenser covers

Make sure to check your outdoor unit specifically and remove any covers, blankets or lids you may have put on top of it. Additionally, remove any debris from nearby vegetation or spring thunderstorms and fix any damage done to your outdoor condenser unit over the winter months.

Test and adjust your thermostat

Before your guests arrive, test your thermostat to make sure it’s working properly. You may need to recalibrate your unit’s controls. Hosting more people in your home than usual will naturally change the temperature indoors.

Consider turning your thermostat off to conserve energy, while turning fans on and opening your windows. Whatever you decide to do, make sure not to open your windows and keep the AC on. This will waste money and energy, making your AC unit less efficient.

Pro tip: consider installing a W-Fi-enabled thermostat to ensure your unit is working most efficiently and keeping you and your guests comfortable all summer long.  

Turn your AC fan “on” and your furnace humidifier “off”

If your thermostat has a fan switch, turn the switch to “on” during the summer months. Your AC unit will keep the temperature down by removing humidity from your home, so you can turn your furnace humidifier “off” during the summer, especially when you have guests over!

Schedule an HVAC tune-up or HVAC repair

Scheduling an HVAC tune-up with professionals from Custom Klimates is the best thing you can do for your North Georgia home to ensure the utmost comfort when you have guests over this summer.

An industry-certified technician will inspect, clean and lubricate your AC equipment, making sure it all runs correctly and efficiently, and if necessary, make an HVAC repair.

Preparing your HVAC system before summer celebrations is essential to ensuring the most comfort for your guests. If you’re unsure if you covered everything, schedule an appointment with us today and our team of professionals will make sure your Canton home is ready for guests. We’re happy to help!