Published: October 10, 2018


Strange noises, odors and high energy bills are red flags for heat pump replacement 

As the nights get cooler, soon it will be time to switch from air conditioning to heat on your heat pump. Are you sure your heat pump will be ready for the job? Or worse, are you already sure it won’t? There are some apparent signs to tell when it’s time for a heat pump replacement.

Let’s look at a few of those signs. In addition, let’s review some other reasons the time has come to ditch your old heat pump and upgrade.

Time’s up for your heat pump

“I don’t need a new heat pump if my old one still works, right?” Maybe not. The service life for a heat pump tops out around 15 years, while most last between eight to 12. Every season you hang onto your old heat pump, you gamble your comfort on a piece of equipment which will fail sooner or later. Take action and investigate a heat pump replacement, before you find yourself out in the cold!

The nose knows – and the ears, too

Have you noticed unusual smells or sounds from your vents when your heating system runs? These signs of trouble on the way are hard to ignore. Even if you can ignore them, you really shouldn’t!

Noisy operation or an endless drone are more than just nuisances. These can reveal a problem somewhere in your heating system, and they will cost you money until they are resolved. Dusty or musty odors also cause concern.

Thumps, rattles, and squeaks indicate more serious problems. Enlist the help of a trained HVAC contractor like Custom Klimates to investigate and diagnose these issues.

If you smell overheated mechanical or electrical components, or if you smell or see smoke, shut down your heat pump immediately and call an HVAC professional.

Cost of heat pump operation is on the rise

An older heat pump can’t work as efficiently as a new model. Although it may run fine, it will work harder to heat your home. This results in higher energy bills. reports savings of up to 20 percent are possible when you replace a 10-year-old heat pump with a newer unit.

There is also the potential for costly repairs to strike at any time. Over time, you’ll spend more for an old unit to run poorly than you’d spend on a heat pump replacement. Take the money you’ll save on high bills and emergency repairs, and invest in a new heat pump instead!

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